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About Your Inspector

With over 20 years spent building, inspecting, and protecting our community, Dave has a keen eye for the details of you current or next home and a empathetic spirit that causes us to treat you like family and make you feel comfortable and educated throughout the process.

Professionalism, attention to detail, and integrity have given Dave room to stand above the competition. Thoroughness in the job and your overall satisfaction are his primary concerns. He conducts his home inspections as if he was buying the house for his family and provides a report that he stands behind, with good faith. In addition to providing vital information needed for the real estate transaction, he educates home buyers on their homes and highlights areas that need to be maintained and/or monitored closely. Well-grounded through ongoing training at American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), Dave regularly attends conferences and training in an effort to continually further his knowledge and education, and to remain current in the Home Inspection field. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech. Dave and his wife are both avid runners and actively involved in their church and community.

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